Convidad specialises in delivering your high quality, secure software solutions. Where stability, reliability and continuous availability of software are key to your business success. We create innovative web and mobile applications, based on Microsoft and JAVA.

A high level of security and protection of privacy sensitive data is embedded in our software development approach. We apply near 20 years of experience acquired from delivering software applications to the online financial market.

Our developers operate from our Barcelona branch office using Scrum to offer full transparency and flexibility to our clients. We are used to deliver within the boundaries of budget and time.

We are Convidad

Convidad is proud of its employees, a team of smart people for smart solutions.  

Miquel .NET developer
Joan .NET developer
Marcos .NET developer
Pau .NET developer
José .NET developer
Diego .NET developer
Liana Willems
Liana Willems Director

Our Approach

The Development team operates in an environment in which everybody takes responsibility for the success of the projects they are working on. In order to achieve this, the company works with dedicated client-focused teams and approaches projects using Scrum, an agile methodology.

Convidad creates an environment for the employees which really stimulates personal and professional growth.

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